The Graal Chain started this program in 2012, with a great idea and the intention of assuring the quality of the fuel marketed at its stations. Through it, strict quality tests are periodically applied to ensure the total trust and credibility of its customers.


It is a complete quality program, which relies on a Mobile Laboratory referred to as Graal Quality Control - Controle de Qualidade Graal (CQG), which daily visits the stations of the GRAAL CHAIN- chosen randomly – to test and evidence the controlled origin of the products, in addition to checking the quality of the same by means of testing of items specified  by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels - Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis (ANP), protecting the consumer from risks of fueling its vehicles with fuels outside the standards established by the legislation in force.


A highly trained and qualified professional tests the quality and origin of the products, in addition to conducting training in handling, analysis and safety of the fuels marketed in the stations. The CQG pays periodical visits to the stations, where the following are verified, in addition to the quality of the fuel:

- Structural and image inspection of the Stations;

- ANP requirements, such as stickers, thermal densimeters, operation license, fire brigade license, among others;

- Regularized register of the reseller at ANP;

- Training on analyses and quality of the fuel with its managers, persons in charge and persons working on the front;

- Environment and Occupational Safety.


The vehicle of Graal Quality Control pays, moreover, specific visits when its resellers receive complaints by consumers. Quality Control guarantees to its customers total credibility in its applied procedures.


The GRAAL CHAIN checks the quality of its products, providing greater safety to the end consumer at the time of fueling, meeting all the standards established by the inspection bodies.


The fuel must be analyzed and approved, in accordance with the determinations and specifications of ANP.

The station must have a complete kit to analyze the fuel.

Complete the Quality Analysis Records - Registros das Análises da Qualidade (RAQ) upon receiving the fuel, keeping in the premises of the Reselling Station the fuel referring to the last 6 (six) months.

Keep in the premises of the Reselling Station the Conformity Bulletins issued by the Distributor from which the fuel was acquired, referring to the last 6 (six) months.

Collect Witness Samples of the fuel received, keeping in the premises of the Reselling Station those referring to the last 3 (three) loads of each product.

Keep filed in the premises of the Reselling Station copies of the bills of sale received, referring to the last 6 (six) months.

The diesel oil filter must be duly cleaned (reservoir and filtering elements), be changed, in accordance with the use conditions stipulated by the manufacturer.

The mouths of the tanks of discharge of the fuel must be duly signposted and sealed.

Thermal densimeter of the Ethanol pump must be duly cleaned and aligned within the correct product specifications.

The employees must be trained and qualified to conduct the quality tests, when requested by a consumer at the time of refueling the vehicle.

Quality test.

Quality test.

Samples for quality test.

CQG Car.

CQG Car.

Car adapted for Graal Quality Control.

Fuel samples.

Fuel samples.

Qualifying the fuel samples.



Transportation of Graal Chain Fuel