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Shrimp Festival

It happened on January 16, 17 and 18, 2015, the traditional National Shrimp Festival in the city of Imbituba in Santa Catarina.  

The region, which is already known by its natural beauty and paradisiacal beaches, welcomed the Festival for the 16th time, and for the third consecutive time Graal Chain marked its presence in this event, which is so important to the city and region.

The party started with shows of the Chimarruts, Gusttavo Lima and Raça Negra who drew the attention of the audience, but the main attraction was, doubtless, the shrimp. Thinking about this, the unit Graal Baleia, created for the event an exclusive pizza recipe that included the delicious ingredient. Moreover, the traditional flavors were sold; marguerita and calabresa sausage, all with the quality standard of Più Pizza.

Credits: Graal Chain Divulgation
16th Shrimp Festival - 2015

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